From the publication
Caribbean Visions: 
Contemporary Paintings and Sculpture

Editor Nancy Eikel
Published by Art Services International 1995, 228 pages Graphics and excerpt from pages 190-191

Pyramidical Journey I
1990, oil, shells & mixed media  22 " x 17"

Pyramidical Journey II
1990, oil, shells & mixed media  22 " x 17"

Simply put, my artistic and life philosophy are one and the same. Everything in the universe is interconnected. There are different levels of active and inert energy in all things, whether it be the color deposited in the paper towels used to wipe my brushes, a glass or plastic fragment found in the street, dried soil from a house plant, or a cowrie shell: they all are used in one form or another and play a significant role in the completed work.

My mind and hands are instruments of higher forces in the universe; therefore I am but a conduit in the circular time continuum. In this solar system we exist in "there is nothing new under the sun," so I believe much of my work is informed with solar biological equations, ancestral power, and metaphysical energy beyond conscious thought or imagination. The viewer or "participant" then becomes an integral part of the reason for the very existence of the work. While I believe the finished object-regardless of medium is a "life" independent of intellectual cognizance, its supreme purpose is to engage the human senses. For it is only then that my ultimate objective--to reach past the frontal lobes of the mind-and hopefully discover the "oneness" of our humanity is possible.


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