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"Harlem Memories #4"

This work was inspired by a brown paper bag full of  photos, letters and other memorabilia about my family's life in Harlem 1920-1970. I inherited this bag in 2001, when my mom passed. The bag stayed in the closet for ten years. I was invited to be in an exhibition called "Harlem Sewn Up. I decided this was the time to use my treasures and I included them in my fabric collage.

This is the fourth in the series. The series will continue indefinitely.

This work is a fabric collage done on sparkly blue felt. There are old photos of Harlem Residents from the 40's and 50's, some of whom are my family. I used actual letters from those times, antique buttons, vintage beaded trim, copper pieces and brass chain to create this piece.

Dimensions: 18" x 84"   
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